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  • Here’s why I love linen

    There are lots of reasons for which I love linen. It’s simple and comforting, special yet unpretentious. But it is also the best thing to wear during summer. And I can personally vouch for this. So in this article, I will share with you the story of how I discovered, explored, and started to love […]

  • Spring/Summer Shoes shopping!

    Well, virtual shopping actually. But still better than nothing. Hello there! I want to invite you today to see what I managed to discover while online shoes shopping. I’m afraid that I’ve become more of a girl that I want to admit. And I am quite a fan of shoes right now. I don’t know […]

  • (Buy a) Dress for work day!

    Since the warm seasons are on their way, I thought it was only befitting to browse around for a new dress. As you can see, I browsed for a little more than a single one. I actually may have gone a little overboard. But luckily, I only ended up adding these to my wishlist and not […]

  • Live long, large and in loose dresses

    Because why should we ever dress up in anything else than comfortable clothes? There is no reason. We have too short of a life to live it uncomfortably. And this is why I come here to day with what I consider to be some of the most comfortable pieces of clothes that you can own. […]

  • Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

    It has been a while since my last article and I have to confess that I feel guilty for neglecting the blog. However, I want to mention that it was not entirely my fault. I had to spend 2 whole days with no internet service at the fault of my provider. After that, it was just a matter of […]

  • Choose what (swim)suits you best this summer!

    Hello and welcome to another Monday post. And even though another hard week of work is in front of us, I hope that all of you have taken advantage of these lovely summer days just like I have. My end of the week days were filled with fun and friends, which made me pumped enough for […]

  • Make your umbrella stand…out!

    Ok, so I made a little pun in the title. It may be annoying to some but, if you’ve been reading up on my blog, you may have gotten used to them and maybe find them a bit charming at this point. And I know, this one is a bit confusing and not the most clear […]

  • A midi pleated skirt for every summer (occasion)

    Why should you get a midi pleated skirt for yourself? Because they are comfortable, classy, and a great way to stay cool during summer. And even though I own just one at the moment, I fell in love with this garment. So I thought that I would just show you a few of my favorite […]

  • Change your stripes with these maxi summer dresses

    When it comes to summer, I have to admit that I am not a big fan. First of all because of the heat. Because I hate being too hot even without clothes on. So, of course that I have the hardest time in finding something to wear. Because it doesn’t just have to cover as much […]

  • (A) dress to impress this summer | Buykud

    I have to admit that summer is my least favorite season. First because of all the heat, which I can’t stand. I would much rather stay in the mountain somewhere and endure freezing temperatures than live somewhere where it’s hot all the time. And secondly, because of all the living bugs and insects that show […]

  • Summer dresses that will impress

    Since summer is in full swing, so should we be, ladies. And what better outfits to swing in that light, bright, and beautiful summer dresses? So I propose today that you take a look with me at what can be part of your new summer closet. I’ve gathered several pieces which I think you will really […]

  • Summer pajamas to keep you (looking) cool

    No matter the time of day, season, year, I can always find a good excuse to wear my pajamas. And I don’t mean that I get to sleep whenever I want, don’t get me wrong. But I do find any opportunity to change and stay in my pajamas during the day, if I am at […]

  • Summer dress me

    Summer, sun, sand and sky…Summer dresses are some of the most simple yet versatile articles of clothing when it comes to their design. They can be short or long, with sleeves or strapless, in neutral or bright colors, with patterns or just in a simple color. Combine any two or more of these and you end […]