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  • Giant Wool Blanket to keep you Warm in this cold winter

    The past two days have been as sunny and as warm as they could be. But today it all came back to normal and it was as cold as a winter should be. I, of course, spent the day inside, still being in the countryside. Not much more to do here during the cold season. […]

  • A winter cardigan to really care for…

    My favorite part of the cold seasons is that I get to snuggle up in cozy and comfortable clothes. Not just at home. But I can also get away with this at work. And one of my favorite pieces of garment to snuggle up into is the winter cardigan. It comes in all sizes and […]

  • There once was a Christmas tree…

      …sitting around our home. And the poor little tree did not want to spend the holidays alone. So we kept it, decorated it, and made it to be… Our very own little Christmas tree.     And today, my darlings, I want to share with you another part of me. My very own, decorated […]

  • Christmas gifts wrapping paper – MarksandSpencer

    Ho, ho, ho! Here I come with another beautiful collection of Christmas wrapping paper. This time, all of the models of paper come from the wonderful website of M&S or MarksandSpencer. And before you start judging, let me set you straight. These rolls of paper are neither expensive, nor a collection of just fancy and […]

  • Get your socks knocked off and put these on instead

    Today we are going to pamper ourselves with a pair of adorable and comfortable winter warm socks. And yes, I am writing this article while wearing mine. So it’s time that you choose your favorite pair. And to help you with this decision, I have picked out 4 adorable designs that you can choose from. I […]

  • Christmas table Plate set for 4? Right this way.

    Hello, everyone! I come bearing another of my dearest Christmas themed articles. This time I will share with you a few plate sets to help you complete the dinner table decor for the holidays. I admit that I may have written a bit much about the dinning table and experience of Christmas. And I apologize […]

  • 6 DIY Christmas ornaments for unique holiday and tree

    With another day closer to Christmas, I come with another post filled with its spirit, joy and happiness. And this time, I plan on getting you all more involved and into the Christmas spirit with these fun DIY projects. So I won’t prolong the wait any longer and I will tell you now that what […]

  • 3 charger plates to complete your Christmas table

    A charger plate is supposed to add something to the table while still not pulling focus from it. If this is what you’re looking for than you’re in luck.

  • Christmas gifts wrapping paper – IKEA

    If you have read some of my other articles, you may have noticed that I enjoy appearances. But before you judge me as a shallow person, let me explain. I enjoy appearances when it comes to products and things, not people. This is why I appreciate product package design and almost anything that has a […]

  • Autumn / Winter boots you can count on

    I’ve recently started pondering about my wardrobe and decided that it’s, sadly, time to grow up. And by this, I don’t mean stop playing around or being responsible. Don’t get me wrong. I just though that my wardrobe seems to be a little too young. I have to shamefully admit that I had not had […]

  • Let me give you a hand with (your) gloves

    Even though winter is not here yet (although it”s coming, hehe), the weather has started giving signs of turning foul. So it is only natural that we start checking out our closet in order to prepare for the dreaded season. And what better way to prepare for winter than picking out a new favorite pair […]