I have to admit that I am a little embarrassed. Why? Because I have not written an article about teapots up to this point. And I should be (and am) ashamed! But here I am. Ready to admit my faults and rectify them. So, here’s an article for those of you are interested or passionate about the subject of tea. I will tell you a bit about how I discovered and got a little bit closer to this field.

Story (and tea) time!

So, first of all I am no expert in this field and don’t claim to be one. But due to certain circumstances I was lucky enough to get a little more insight. And here is how.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve mentioned something about working in a library in a previous article – Lady Letters. But what I didn’t mention at that time was that this library, Carturesti, also has a teashop right inside the library. This is a unique feature that is really appreciated by most, if not all, customers. And one of the things that attracts them in the first place. But what I consider to be the best part is that you can also read while enjoying your tea. You get to pick any book from the library and check it out before you purchase it while also enjoying a delicious tea. Who would say no to that? No one, that’s who.

So, why have I mentioned all of this? Because, as a result of the tea shop being part of the library, I also got to work in this shop as well. And there is where I discovered my love for tea and all its related products.

And now it’s Teapots time.

I want to start off by saying that I started with a really large list of teapots at first. But I decided to cut it down and divide it into several articles in the end. First of all, so that I don’t end up with an endless and boring article. Secondly, I wanted to structure the article around what I could say is a bit of a theme.

Therefore, in today’s article we have a specific type of teapots. I would say they fit into a category of modern design. As I said, there were so many more I wanted to add, but these are just enough to give you a bit of a taste. A taste of what you can have when it comes to modern ceramic teapots. I wanted to keep the basic material as ceramic, due to its versatility, which you can notice from the products. In a future article I will also tackle the subject of teapot making, design and creation from their beginnings to this day. So, if interested, please let me know and keep an eye out for us.

Photo and product via t2tea


Photo and product via t2tea


Photo and product via serax


Photo and product via t2tea


Photo and product via serax



Today’s featured image comes from Unsplash via Pixabay.

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