Hey guys! So I have something neat for you today. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this so far but I absolutely love infographics. I think they are an awesome way to share knowledge in an interactive way and from my point of view the reader can be much more enticed and interested since there is a very easy and understandable visual aid. Over the time I have found so many cool and interesting infographics that I even thought of printing them out and hanging them as art. Some of these were, of course, helps for the kitchen, which would have made a lovely solution for alternative wall art. Actually, if I think of it, that’s not a bad idea. I may return with an article just with this idea.

But getting back to today’s article. I found this awesome infographic from the Vibrant Doors Blog and I decided it would be awesome to share it with you. As it title says, it will show you the design trends from around the world in a visually rich and enticing way. Just to be clear, these are not the latest trends when it comes to design or furniture, the graphic concentrating more on culture. More exactly, this infographic will show you how cultures from around the world influence the design and what would a, let’s say traditional, home would look like if it were to be decorated keeping in mind the cultural aspects.

Of course, in today’s modern world the home design industry has no more borders and it has complete freedom when it comes to culture. So you can easily add Asian influences into your American beach home or bring the Moroccan feel into your French apartment. But what exactly should an Asian or African or Swedish inspired home look like? This is the fun part of this particular infographic. You choose the country that most inspires you and use this as a guideline for your creativity and design. By knowing what the cultural preferences are in terms of design, you can pay proper respect to that country and show off that you are a true connoisseur of world wide design.

Interior Design Trends From Around The World Infographic
Via vibrantdoors


I would first of all like to thank Vibrant Doors for this article and If you’ve liked this infographic, please feel free to check out the interactive version by following this link at Vibrant Doors


Today’s featured image comes from Ingrid Hall at Unsplash.

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