Time for a bedside table story

Although this article is written well before bedtime, I think that you can forgive me just this once. I got inspired by my bedside table that comes right from the IKEA store in Bucharest, Romania and I wanted to share what more they have to offer in this department.

I have selected these pieces from the IKEA.com website but I have checked and most of them can be also found in the stores from other countries and regions. So have a good read, decide on what you like and have a good night with sweet dreams!


My first choice is a piece from the TARVA collection. Made out of solid wood, with a single drawer and a small self perfect for that book that keeps you up at night, this piece is simple, warm and beautiful. The wood can be a little tricky to take care of but in the long run it will be worth it and you will love the final picture of your room.

Via ikea


If you’d rather add a little more geometry and color to your bedroom, then I suggest you choose this piece. With a gorgeous red color and simple yet striking lines, this bedside table will stand out as a unique piece but will still add to the warmth and intimacy of the bedroom.

Via ikea


If you’d rather have a more intimate and hidden space by you bedside, then this two drawer chest is a perfect solution. With a simple black color and straight edge lines, this piece is a classic and one of the top choices when it comes to style of bedside tables.

Via ikea


Continuing with another piece from the Hemnes family, this time in a straight white color (or non-color if we want to get accurate), we keep with the simple design. With a small drawer at the top and a roomy shelf at the bottom, you can place all your objects of need on this table and have all objects at just one reach of the hand.

Via ikea


Taking a different turn to our list of bedside tables, I bring you a cute and fun piece. Made out of metal and painted in a light blue color, this little piece can become very handy in your bedroom. The inside has a hole big enough to get a socket through and there is enough space for an extension cord and your favorite books, magazines or electrical equipment.

Via ikea


Similar to the first piece that I introduced you to, from the TARVA family, I’d like to look at this as a more modern version. With no drawers, just a big wooden space with an adjustable shelf on top of a metal base, this is a very charming table which you can use to display your favorite books, toys or memorabilia.

Via ikea


My favorite piece of this article is from the HURDAL family. With a rustic charm and a modern appeal to it, this bedside table is made out of wood, has a gorgeous green colour and a wooden top. The small open space at the top and the hidden space in the bottom make it a perfect candidate for any bedroom and  any style.

Via ikea

Thank you for giving me yet another piece of your time. I wish you good night, sweet dreams and cozy bedrooms.


Today’s featured image comes from David Mao at Unsplash

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