A tote bag to count on

I have to admit that I am writing this article just for one bag. One tote bag to keep its description more specific. And I have also placed it first on the list. Not saying that I do not like the rest of the bags. It’s only normal that I like them because I picked them out. But if it wasn’t for that one bag, I may not have written this article at all.

Fox Tote Bag

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet in the last few years, you may have noticed a new trend. A new trend which has gotten people wild for foxes. From the actual animal to any cartoon representation of it or any product representing it. And I have to say that I see the point. I mean the fox as an animal is, even though a wild one, a very cute creature. From cute baby foxes to beautiful and stunning adult specimens. And the Internet is going crazy for them.

So I am not exactly in that phase. I am not crazy for foxes or at the level of buying anything with foxes on them. And yes, you can literally buy almost anything with foxes on them nowadays. But I do appreciate the beauty of this animal. And I’ve come to add to my favorites even some of these products. Not have bought one yet. But who’s to predict the future.


And here we come to the main feature of this article. The first tote bag listed today is a beautiful representation of the newly discovered adoration that we have for these animals. With a combination of navy, brown leather, and gorgeous fox theme, this bag is a real show-stopping piece. But don’t worry. If you aren’t that much into foxes, this tote bag also comes in a simple mint or cognac color. Check them out!

Tote BagCamp Director Tote in Foxes


Tote BagBuckle Into Boldness Bag


Tote BagFeline Fidelity Bag in Cool – Mid


Tote BagStop, Rock, and Roll Convertible Bag in Cognac

Tote BagStop By and Say Aloe Bag


Tote BagMinutes Turn to Sections Bag in Toffee


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