In today’s modern world dominated by technology, we can admit that we have evolved from the simple things in life. For example, take the simple act of dining with the family. How many of us can honestly say that we still do this? The answer would be not many. At least now without external factors, such as phones, laptops, computers, TVs or any other sort of device. Therefore, I believe we have lost the simple feeling of being together and living in the moment. But we may still get it back if we really tried and worked at it.

And I want to do my part in the matter. So I decided to write an article that might give you the idea of regaining this little bit of time with your loved ones. And you can do this with a simple dining table. Maybe just owning one will make some sort of difference. It may inspire you to use it more if you have it around. And it may lead to other family activities as well. Who’s to say a sudden board game night won’t be in your future since you now have where to play them? No matter for what reason you use it, I just hope it will help you in some way. Some of you may be just looking for a simple dining table and I may be embellishing my article for nothing. I just hope that you like that I have listed ahead.

Dining on a table and in style:

So, even though today dining may not be the sophisticated and proper ritual that it once was, especially at home, I still like to give it importance. And this may be just a result from my passion for cooking. Because I love to see people sit down and simply enjoy my cooking and each other’s company. Plus, the dining table and experience gives you the chance of interesting conversations that you may otherwise miss.

So now that I’ve stated my case about dining tables and why should you own them, time for the actual products. In the following pictures you will see a small selection of several dining sets complete with tables and chairs. With the exception of one case, all of these tables support seating for 4 people. If you’d like to see tables of various sizes or for different number of people, please check out one of my other articles. Or let me know what sort of tables would you like me to feature, in case I haven’t, yet.

With the exception of the number of people seated, I wanted to keep it varied. And I believe to have added tables for different styles and preferences which you may have. You will see a range from classic and round tables to modern and unique designs with straight angles. But, what all of these sets do have, and I am a stickler for when it comes to dining sets, is matching tables and chairs. And this may be just me, but it’s a must. So, I hope you enjoy.

Photo and product via wayfair
Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and products via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair




Photo and product via wayfair


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