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Today I am going to show you a few pieces of furniture, inspired from the gorgeous urban surroundings of big cities. All of these pieces can be found on the Maisons du Monde website and I encourage you to visit them for any purchases and additional information for any of these products.

All of the products that I have chosen today have a strong connection with urban life and are inspired from it. If you enjoy the excitement of big cities, crowded streets and 24 hour lifestyle, then why not bring that atmosphere, or at least pieces of it into your home?

This first product is a wonderful representation of the New York urban lifestyle. One of the most representative elements of this 24 hour lifestyle is the famous yellow cab. For you or the person in your life that would enjoy a piece of New York right on their desk or shelf, this 14 x 34 cm metal cab will be the perfect gift. Besides adding a bit of urban taste to your decor, this little yellow cab can also add a bit of color to your room design.

Via maisonsdumonde


Ah, the famous Route 66. How many people can honestly say that they have not heard at least once of this famous road and its story? At least from the famous animation movie “Cars” and you have heard something about this road. And one of the major symbols that represented this route was this American style gas pump that you can now have in your home as a gorgeous piece of furniture. This piece can serve as a lamp and CD rack or it can just be a decor object adding to the theme of your design.

Via maisonsdumonde


We move on now to a more classing and, if I may, European piece to complete the urban look of your home. A gorgeous mirror with a metal frame in an arcade shape that reminds me, personally, of the great and beautiful window frames from the old french buildings or double arcade doors. Bringing the classic french feeling inside your home, this piece can fit in any modern, classic or traditional space.

Via maisonsdumonde


Mailboxes, although they seem to be a classic symbol of houses and more rural spaces, the cities are not left without them. And they have also made their mark on the urban design as well. This is a classic example of the style of urban mailboxes, with a gorgeous color and the black writing and font fits perfectly on it. This mailbox was turned into a key holding box and it can be a wonderful addition to your home and the guests will be able to see it right from the entrance.

Via maisonsdumonde


We don’t have only decoration pieces for the entrance, living room or bedroom. This time I bring you a piece of urban design that will fit perfectly into your kitchen. Although not many of you will think that a spoon rest is the most useful piece in your kitchen, I strongly believe that after seeing this design you will think twice about that. A little piece of a French bistro right into your home will add a unique and pleasant feeling, making the kitchen your favorite room in the house.

Via maisonsdumonde


Another urban style piece that comes right from the beautiful french capital of Paris is this Eiffel Tower lamp. With a simple but striking design, this lamp is a perfect tribute to your love for the Parisian style while still keeping it subtle. The shape of the Eiffel Tower is represented through the lamp stand and the shade is beautifully simple, black and unobtrusive.

Via maisonsdumonde


These, my dear readers, have been only a few of the many gorgeous urban design pieces that you can find. I may return in the near future with an article dedicated to another style or maybe even dedicated to a single city. Please feel free to make requests of styles, products or any kind of articles that you may want to see here and feel that I might be able to write about.

Thank you for reading and I hope to have made your day and home a little more pleasant with my article.


This article’s featured photo comes from Matt Popovich at Unsplash.

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