I’ve only just recently started wearing my watch again. It was a gift I got from my sister on my birthday. But I didn’t want to wear it too often at that point because I wanted to save it for special occasions. Especially since it has a beautifully colored belt which made for a unique accessory. Only, this lasted until I discovered another good function for it.

It was around the time that I got my new phone. And I realized that I was checking it extremely regularly and kept getting distracted by nothing. As a result, I ended up wasting a lot of time. Not only at work but at home as well. And   It was like I was waiting constantly for a notification or message. But, of course, there was never anything there. And worse, sometimes I would double check because I thought to myself that I also wanted to know the time. (even though I could see it on my desktop).

A watch that actually saved me time

So, as I said in the beginning, I started wearing my watch. The reason especially being that I wanted to stop checking my phone so regularly. And I am extremely happy to say that it worked! I just set my notifications to always be on high, so I can be sure that I don’t miss any. And every time I went for my phone to check “the time” I stopped myself and looked at my watch.

So, if any of you have any similar issues I recommend this simple and seemingly obvious solution. But, of course, this is not the only reason for which I recommend owning such a product. I mentioned at the beginning that mine had a beautiful colored strap. Which made it a perfect accessory for any occasion. Or any outfit. So this would be another reason for which I recommend that you buy one for yourselves.

Of course, you could ignore all that and simply buy one of these because you like it. And that will be that. I have several pieces which I wouldn’t mind buying for myself. But I will let you have the first choice. Let me know which is your favorite. And what would be the reason for which you would buy one?

Feather Geometric Pattern Woven Watch

GENEVA Multicolor Geometric Pattern Quartz Braid Watch

PU Leather Quartz Casual Watch

Owl Steel Band Quartz Watch

Chic Stripe Pattern Watch

Vintage Faux Leather Bracelet Watch

Vintage Faux Leather Circle Quartz Watch


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