Welcome Santa with Milk, Cookies, and new dinnerware!

Welcome Santa with Milk, Cookies, and new dinnerware!

November is here and I am officially allowing myself to begin talking about Christmas! So buckle up everyone and be prepared to be struck by all my winter and holiday joy. And I have a perfect article next that will get us right in the middle of Christmas preparations. You can never be too early for that!

How many of you remember the tradition of waiting for Santa with milk and cookies. To me, it was one of my favorite parts of preparing for Christmas as a child and I would love to pass this on to my children. But with them it will be much better because I find out that now, you can have special dinnerware for this occasion. Just imagine the look the children would get on their faces when you get the special plate and cup out of the back of the cupboard and they know immediately what to expect.

Much more than a tradition

As much as I love this tradition in its pure and simple form, I believe that we can also turn it into something much more significant. As a parent, this would be a great opportunity to get your kids much more involved in the preparations in a way that they enjoy it. And in the end, you can end up giving this tradition more depth and, why not, using it as a teaching opportunity. Let me explain what I mean.

When it comes to preparing the milk and cookies for Santa, who says that the children only get to serve these? Why not get them involved in the preparation of the cookies altogether, of course when they are old enough. I think that this could end up in a stronger bond between you too and they would also learn some responsibility. Without having them do anything hard or eliminating the fun factor, they can learn that you still have to work a little for Santa in order to get your present. And this is a wonderful way to learn a valuable lesson.

If you are up to it, you can take this tradition even further and make sure that they get involved in every aspect of Christmas, both hard and easy. If you make it even a bit fun, they will enjoy it and be excited for the entire period, not just for the presents they get. You can even begin by getting them involved in today’s article subject. Why not get to pick together the plate and glass from which Santa gets to  enjoy his hard earned cookies and milk? He will surely be very appreciative and thank you for the little extra effort.

Choose your favorite way to Welcome Santa

And now we get to the main part and the core of my article. I have 4 gorgeous plate and glass sets that will bring real holiday cheer into your home. All you need to do next is to pick your favorite and I think I can help you a bit. I went ahead and described what I liked and why I would personally choose any one of these sets. Hopefully, my opinions will help you a bit with your decision and make the choice more obvious than “all 4 of them, please”.


Cookies for Santa Gift Set #1

First up we have what I consider to be the most simple and charming of the bunch. We have a simple set with a white/cream background color and mainly red details. On the plate we see the smiling face of Santa along with the message “cookies for Santa” written in a joyous font. On the milk jug we have in the same beautiful theme, the written message of “milk for Santa”. The concept is simple and the message direct. I think this represents the best of the Christmas charm without going over any limits. I also love the idea of the milk glass resembling the old style milk bottle. It adds even more appeal to the entire set and I bet that Santa will agree.

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Cookies for Santa Gift Set #2

Next, we have a more jolly set, if I may say so. Using a much more colorful scheme of Christmas colors, I would describe this set using the word playful. As we can also see in the picture, the edges of the plate and milk glass have a white and red combination of lines. The middle sections are green, spotted and come with the same messages addressed to Santa. Another factor that makes this set appear more playful is the silly font that has been used to write. It is almost as a child has written it with its fingers. And speaking of children, I bet that most of the children will pick this set to serve to Santa.


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Cookies for Santa Gift Set #3

A little more subtle, but filled with the holiday charm, this third set is my personal favorite. You may notice that is has the same style of milk bottle which I appreciated in the first one. And yes, this was a big factor that made me choose it as my favorite. But nothing can beat the design and its wonderful rendering of Christmas. As we can see, both the plate and the bottle have the striking red tone so representative of Christmas. And on top of that we have the charming black belt, which we recognize as part of Santa’s costume. This element is both funny and subtle at the same time and I just love that. Add the charming font of the messages and I bet that this set will make Santa very happy to see it.

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Cookies for Santa Gift Set #4

Last, but not least, we have what I think to be the most “elaborate” of today’s choices. And I say this because with this design there is no subtle message and no funny element. If you take a look at the picture you will see why I describes the design as “elaborate”. First we have the middle sections, painted in a blackboard resembling paint with the message written in “chalk”. Next, we have the edges, painted in a red and white candy cane pattern. And after that we have the corners with a red background and a snowflake in the middle. I find it actually quite charming and representative of the Christmas spirit. This design was purposely thought of to make it look and feel like the Holiday. Pick out this one and Santa will know that you put in some extra thought for him this year.

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Today’s featured image comes from lindamayo1 at Pixabay.

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