My favorite part of the cold seasons is that I get to snuggle up in cozy and comfortable clothes. Not just at home. But I can also get away with this at work. And one of my favorite pieces of garment to snuggle up into is the winter cardigan. It comes in all sizes and designs, although I prefer mine oversized. It can be made from some of the softest materials you will ever touch. And it will always be there for you to keep you warm.

…and a winter cardigan that cares for you…

I like to think that this is my way of having a blanket at work. But it is even better because it is a warm and cozy blanket with sleeves that you can wear all the time. Of course, this applies to the oversized cardigans. Those are my personal favorite and the ones I feel most comfortable in.

But I have also included on today’s list some cropped or fitted ones as well. I also love those, especially the cropped ones for special occasions. They can really add a bit of fun and color to your outfit, while also keeping you warm on a cool day. So, it can end up being the perfect accessory to complete your look.

And I would also like to point out the versatility and practicality of cardigans. Since they usually either come with or without buttons, they can be easily put on or taken off. Which can end up being really useful if you work in an environment that doesn’t have a constant temperature? Or even if you just have to go out of the office building all the time. It can be a really good solution to maintain a constant and maybe not end up getting sick from the sudden changes.

But overall, the winter cardigan is just a beautiful and practical piece of clothing to own. And here are my suggestions for today. I hope you enjoy.


Winter cardigan example
Kitschy Stitches Oversized Cardigan


Winter cardigan example
Compania Fantastica The Pom Diggity


Winter cardigan example
Collectif Your Call


Winter cardigan example
Retro Long Sleeve Cropped Winter Cardigan


Winter cardigan example
Button-Up Cardigan with Shawl Collar


Winter cardigan example
Tie-Neck Cardigan with Piping in Berry


Winter cardigan example
Charter School Cardigan in Subdued Stripes


Winter cardigan example
Simply Snuggly Colorblock in Marigold


Winter cardigan example
Fireside Cable Knit Cardigan in Midnight


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