Today I have another story to share with you. A story about Romanian people, who are proud of who they are, of where they live, and of what they do. Because they do it with love. And I discovered this while browsing around for a good pair of earrings. Unaware at the time that I would find the most beautiful and perfect pair just a couple of towns away. So take a moment and enjoy the story of how I rediscovered my origins in a pair of women’s jewelry.

Story Time

So, as I mentioned, I was looking for a good pair of earrings. And having a bit of a hard time finding it. First because I really wanted earrings made out of wood. I’ve had a thing about this for a while and I wouldn’t let it go until I found a good pair made out of wood. And second, because I wanted the earrings to have a more proper locking system than just push backs. So I was looking for a while now. But suddenly I remembered of a Romanian version of the Etsy website, called Breslo. You can visit it by clicking on the name and it will take you to the website. And there you will find hundreds of talented Romanian artists and their beautiful products.

So I browsed around for a bit and kept wanting a pair or earrings that would impress me. And after only a few pages of searching, I found what came to be the most beautiful earrings that I own and the only pair that I currently wear.

Copaceanca – Breslo

But before I introduce you to the products, I also want to introduce you to the specific store from where I got them. On the Breslo platform, you will find them under the name of Copaceanca. And these beautiful people specialize in hand carved and hand painted pieces of jewelry. But the best part, and the part I was most impressed by, is that these pieces are also carved with Traditional Romanian symbols on them. Which I found extremely beautiful.

And in the first picture we have the earrings that I have bought and wear proudly. They are, as I’ve mentioned before, hand made and carved with a traditional symbol not only from Romania, but from the specific county in Romania where I was born, known as Mehedinti. As soon as I read the name, which specified where the symbol was from, I knew I had to have them. Luckily for me, it was also the last pair. So, just a couple of days later I was already wearing them.

And I can admit that I thought that they would not be as beautiful as they seem in the presentation picture. But I was wrong. They are even more beautiful. The level of detail in the carving is amazing and the quality of the lock is impressive. So, please, if you are interested in a bit of Romanian Tradition, or just a beautiful piece of jewelry, check out this store. Besides earrings they also feature necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even Cufflinks. Here are just a few of them:

Photo and product by Copaceanca via Breslo


Photo and product by Copaceanca via Breslo


Photo and product by Copaceanca via Breslo


Photo and product by Copaceanca via Breslo


Photo and product by Copaceanca via Breslo


Photo and product by Copaceanca via Breslo



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