I have something a little bit different for you today. Until now I have written only about home objects and products but this time I will share a more personal side of me.

Although I am not a fashionable person, I enjoy looking at clothes and finding pieces that I would like to own. From jackets and winter accessories to summer dresses and skirts, I have a certain preference when it comes to everything.

So today I am going to present to you a few gorgeous dresses from the Xtabay Vintage website. I discovered them through Pinterest and followed them a little more. After just a few pieces that stole my eyes, they stole my heart. These dresses are all vintage and gorgeous. And due to their varied designs and color schemes, I am sure that you can find one for any occasion. I won’t linger on by describing the dresses in my own words, I will just let a few photos speak for themselves. Hope they get you excited and convince you to pay the website a visit » Xtabay Vintage

I do not own any of the credits for the photos, dresses or design for them. All credits and thanks goes to the Xtabay Vintage website and I encourage you to visit them if my article got you inspired.


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