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  • Giant Wool Blanket to keep you Warm in this cold winter

    The past two days have been as sunny and as warm as they could be. But today it all came back to normal and it was as cold as a winter should be. I, of course, spent the day inside, still being in the countryside. Not much more to do here during the cold season. […]

  • 7 furniture pieces with real urban character

    What I like most about furniture is that, in many cases, the pieces manage to tell a whole lot with very little. And we have a similar case in today’s article. I will introduce you to a few gorgeous and amazingly simple pieces that have a large and beautiful background. So, give me a chance […]

  • A tale of tiles and design

    Hello darlings! Today I come into your homes with more that just product ideas. Today I bring with me gorgeous design and inspiration. And don’t worry, it’s all included, so no extra charge. While browsing the internet I ran across a wonderful website that inspired this article. The website is Topps Tiles, a British store […]

  • Bathroom Accessories

    This is not the first article that I have written about bathroom accessories. But I like to think that every article I write is unique in its own way. Because I try to find new products to introduce to you every time. And I do believe that I have not repeated myself yet. So here […]

  • Let me draw you a bath(room) with the perfect accessories in it!

    Even though you may not have noticed this up until this point, keeping a neat and organized bathroom can be a tricky thing to do if you don’t have the proper help. And if there is a room in your home that needs more than any other to be kept clean and squeaky, this is […]

  • A bathrobe fit for a geek!

    Hello, my fellow readers! Today I have a special feature from the popular website of ThinkGeek. I recommend this website for any true geek that wants to have access to high quality memorabilia products. I’m sure that all of you know and love the cozy and warm feeling of a soft bathrobe first thing after […]