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  • Minimalist designed movie posters

    Today I come and share with you a few inspiring examples of minimalist design. From the mind and hands of the talented Eder Rengifo right into our very own online home, here is today’s dash of inspiration. We learn that rules of minimalism can be applied in any shape and form into our homes and lives. And they […]

  • Furniture designed with a geeky twist in mind

    Geek Alert! Today’s products are dedicated especially to the geeks out there! But I’m sure that all of you will find them interesting and will appreciate their innovative and unique design. Inspired by board games, video games and some of the most popular movies in the geek universe, these pieces have been born out of inspiration […]

  • A bathrobe fit for a geek!

    Hello, my fellow readers! Today I have a special feature from the popular website of ThinkGeek. I recommend this website for any true geek that wants to have access to high quality memorabilia products. I’m sure that all of you know and love the cozy and warm feeling of a soft bathrobe first thing after […]