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  • Valentine’s Day | Wrapping Paper | Not On The High Street

    Valentine’s Day is, for those who choose to celebrate it, the one day of the year dedicated to their significant other. So it’s only normal, since this day will be entirely dedicated to someone special, that they go all out. And when we say all out, we mean it. From specially cooked breakfast, lunches, or […]

  • Meet my new tea infuser, Baby Nessie

    I have been wanting to switch from coffee to tea for a while now. And making the transition can be rather rough if you aren’t used to drinking tea on a regular basis. The smell and taste of coffee can be truly addicting and make you want to go back every time. But the first thing […]

  • Christmas gifts wrapping paper – MarksandSpencer

    Ho, ho, ho! Here I come with another beautiful collection of Christmas wrapping paper. This time, all of the models of paper come from the wonderful website of M&S or MarksandSpencer. And before you start judging, let me set you straight. These rolls of paper are neither expensive, nor a collection of just fancy and […]

  • Oh My Bag!

    Just like I’ve stated in the title (or made a pun about it) today I will introduce you to the gorgeous products of OMyBag. If you are unfamiliar with their work, all you need to know is that they make almost any type of leather carriers. From bags and backpacks to wallets and phone covers. […]

  • 4 unique DIY gift toppers to top off your Christmas this year

    Another day, another lovely article about the lovely art of gift wrapping. And this time I have something a little more special to share with you. I have recently found out several gorgeous gifts toppers that can take your presents to the next level. Instead of relying on simple wrapping paper to do the presentation […]

  • Christmas gifts wrapping paper – IKEA

    If you have read some of my other articles, you may have noticed that I enjoy appearances. But before you judge me as a shallow person, let me explain. I enjoy appearances when it comes to products and things, not people. This is why I appreciate product package design and almost anything that has a […]

  • Lady Letters – a gift wrapping paper

    Hello there! If you guys thought that I would loose my enthusiasm of this blog in just a couple of days, then you were wrong. And you will see that I plan on sticking to it as much as possible. But in order to do that I will also have a few articles such as […]