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  • Blue room wallpaper | GrahamBrown

    When it comes to wallpapers, I have to admit that I have always had my reservations. And this is because, when I was growing up, what I saw and knew in terms of wallpaper was only what I had seen in the movies. And what stood out as room wallpaper in the movies could be […]

  • Fun kitchen products to use daily

    This is not the first time that I write about fun kitchen products to use. But I choose to write about this same topic again because I discovered even more ways for you to have fun in the kitchen. And this can be a very important aspect, especially for those of you who don’t enjoy […]

  • If you can’t keep the order, make the clutter disapear!

    So this article started as targeted towards children’s rooms. And I thought that it was a good idea to introduce you to a few boxes in which you or your kids can keep their toys. Instead of leaving them all around the house. But while I was thinking of writing this, I thought that I […]

  • Save some space in your kitchen for these space saving utensils

    When it comes to the kitchen, I love to have everything neat and organized. But, for those who cook a lot, it may be common knowledge that you need plenty of things in the kitchen. Of course, you can do with what you have. And improvisation is one of your best friends when it comes […]

  • The piggy bank that will make you save money

    I remember the first piggy bank that I ever had. First of all, because I still have it and use it all the time. And second of all because I also never had any other piggy banks beside it. Because I took care of the one I owned as I knew best. And I cherish […]

  • In plain sight, white nightstands hide

    …And make your bedroom light and practical at night. It’s been a while since I’ve started writing an article with a rime. Or started writing an article at all. But I hope you will excuse this period of inactivity of mine. And have a little patience. Because I promise that I am back. And not just […]

  • My very own (and owned) | house plants

    Today I am going to introduce you to my very own (and owned) house plants. Since I mentioned in a previous article that I will tell you about them, here it is. An article dedicated to 5 of the best houseplants I own and love. I hope you enjoy and maybe buy one for your […]

  • Wayfair Pots and Planters | house plants

    Today I am sharing with you an old subject inside a new article. It is not the first time that I will share with you some gorgeous pots and planters for your beautiful house plants. But it is the first time that this entire collection will be from the wonderful Wayfair website. In case you […]

  • Plant Stands for your darling | house plants

    Today we are going to focus a bit on some of the most important beings in my life at the moment. And no, this will not be a story about my family or friends. This will be a story about my beautiful and newly acquired plants. And how I discovered that I needed a lot […]

  • How many coffee cups? How about a set?

    How many cups of coffee have you had today? If your answer is anything less than 1, then you go right back and get yourself a cup. Of course, unless you prefer tea to coffee. But you have to have had a cup of something to get you started in the morning. Even if it […]

  • A piece of nature around your neck | Felicity Store

    When it comes to necklaces, I have to admit that I don’t wear them too often. And I believe that this has to do with two reasons. First of all because I’m a bit pretentious and fussy when it comes to any accessory. In order for me to really set my heart on one, it has […]

  • Pick a blanket and throw (it over yourself)

    Officially, the winter is gone and we only have the Spring season to look forward to. But the warm days are still taking their precious time to get here, aren’t they? We still have pretty cold temperatures in the evenings. Not to mention the dreaded mornings, when you have to go to work. So who wouldn’t […]

  • Spring/Summer Shoes shopping!

    Well, virtual shopping actually. But still better than nothing. Hello there! I want to invite you today to see what I managed to discover while online shoes shopping. I’m afraid that I’ve become more of a girl that I want to admit. And I am quite a fan of shoes right now. I don’t know […]

  • Line your dining table with these beautiful linen napkins

    So, today we are going to step into the dining room. Which I haven’t done in a while, to my embarrassment. But I hope that you will forgive me. And I hope to make it up to you with this, in my opinion wonderful, article. Why do I think it’s wonderful? Of course, not because […]

  • You need to check out these bed linens!

    I think it’s been a little too long since I’ve written a bedroom-related article. But, hopefully, I will rectify this in the near future. And I want to start right now by introducing you to some gorgeous bed linens and a lovely shop where you can find them. And the best part is that this […]

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