In today’s article I will introduce you to some of my best and most beloved items in my library. And, to you surprise (or not since you’ve read the title), some of my favorite books are cookbooks. So why do I love these so much? Because, first of all, you will get to know the one book that […]


I’m sure that most of you are avid readers. And even though we live in the days of modern technology, when you can read almost any book on any type of device, I still believe that you can’t replace the feeling of holding a newly bought book in your hands. And even though these devices […]

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I do and will always judge books by their cover. I know this is usually frowned upon but I believe that a good book deserves a great cover. And there really are great books that never got the beautiful covers that they deserve. So I decided to show you that really good stories can inspire artists […]

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