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  • Spring Inspired Floral Wallpaper | GrahamBrown

    There is still one month left of Winter, but I already feel like Spring. Outside it’s still cold enough to feel Winter’s edge. But the signs of Spring are showing their strength. Therefore, I decided to give the season a little push into our world and into your homes most of all. So I came […]

  • Giant Wool Blanket to keep you Warm in this cold winter

    The past two days have been as sunny and as warm as they could be. But today it all came back to normal and it was as cold as a winter should be. I, of course, spent the day inside, still being in the countryside. Not much more to do here during the cold season. […]

  • In plain sight, white nightstands hide

    …And make your bedroom light and practical at night. It’s been a while since I’ve started writing an article with a rime. Or started writing an article at all. But I hope you will excuse this period of inactivity of mine. And have a little patience. Because I promise that I am back. And not just […]

  • You need to check out these bed linens!

    I think it’s been a little too long since I’ve written a bedroom-related article. But, hopefully, I will rectify this in the near future. And I want to start right now by introducing you to some gorgeous bed linens and a lovely shop where you can find them. And the best part is that this […]

  • One pajama, two pajamas, three pajamas…

    I have to say that I consider myself very lucky to be writing this article while at home and dressed in my favorite pajamas. I still have a part time job to which I go to in the morning. But to be able to work from home during the afternoons and evenings is a blessing. And with […]

  • Geometric shelves for your minimalist design

    I have to admit that when I was in school, I hated geometry. I thought of it as an useless and hard subject which would not benefit me in the least. And just like all the other kids, I wondered that, since I don’t like it, why should I bother learning it. Little did I know […]

  • 7 furniture pieces with real urban character

    What I like most about furniture is that, in many cases, the pieces manage to tell a whole lot with very little. And we have a similar case in today’s article. I will introduce you to a few gorgeous and amazingly simple pieces that have a large and beautiful background. So, give me a chance […]

  • Let’s set our own (bedside) table

    Today’s article is another inspiration of my life. And I have noticed for a good while that the place where I am currently living doesn’t have a nightstand on my side of the bed. And yes, I can admit that this is not a big problem but in the evenings when I go to bed […]

  • Color your mornings with colorful beddings!

    Today I am going to brighten up your day, bedroom and home! I will introduce you to a few gorgeous and colorful bedding sets that will make you want to throw out any old ones that you have in this moment in your home. Beddings should be one of the most important items in your […]

  • Wake up and smell the coffee, or bacon

    Nothing compares than a good morning accompanied by a good cup of coffee after a good night’s sleep. But the combination of these 3 elements seems to be lacking for many people on a usual day of their lives. But not to worry, we might have at least one solution to this problem. Although I […]

  • Furniture designed with a geeky twist in mind

    Geek Alert! Today’s products are dedicated especially to the geeks out there! But I’m sure that all of you will find them interesting and will appreciate their innovative and unique design. Inspired by board games, video games and some of the most popular movies in the geek universe, these pieces have been born out of inspiration […]

  • A bed to lay your head and meet a good night’s sleep

    Sleep is one of the most important requirements of our lives along with food and water. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t give it the importance it deserves and take it for granted. So, in this article I propose to give this nightly activity a more thorough look and try to improve it, at least from a furniture […]

  • I’ve got an idea!…on how you can brighten up your home.

    Hey guys! Today I have a few wonderful lighting ideas for your home to share with you. A few simple but gorgeous wall or ceiling lamps, in some cases both, that will astonish through their amazing design, impress through their appearance and excite through their unique features. I hope you will be delighted by these wonderful […]

  • Time for a bedside table story

    Although this article is written well before bedtime, I think that you can forgive me just this once. I got inspired by my bedside table that comes right from the IKEA store in Bucharest, Romania and I wanted to share what more they have to offer in this department. I have selected these pieces from […]

  • Take some time for yourself

    This article is all about time and it is about time that you read it. I have searched a bit and found a few unique pieces that can help you keep track of time and organize your day. I have to give credit to the very helpful websites that have helped me make my dream […]