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  • Industrial Style Kitchens | via Houzz

    I find the industrial design to be one of the most appropriate design styles for the kitchen. How so? Because it is simple and straight to the point, while still having an edge and unique beauty about it. And this is exactly what we need inside a kitchen. Nothing useless, extra, or anything that could […]

  • 7 furniture pieces with real urban character

    What I like most about furniture is that, in many cases, the pieces manage to tell a whole lot with very little. And we have a similar case in today’s article. I will introduce you to a few gorgeous and amazingly simple pieces that have a large and beautiful background. So, give me a chance […]

  • Embrace the industry/ial design

    With a dash of embarrassment and a touch of sadness I have to say that it took me way to long to come up with this article. And I have to admit, with shame, that it is 11 pm and I found the main subject for this article only a bout 4 minutes ago. But, […]

  • A kitchen island of your own

    You don’t have to travel or spend millions of dollars in order to own your own island. In today’s article, I will show you how to cheat and end up with your very own kitchen island. If you’ve figured out by now, and I’m sure many of you did, I am talking about kitchen islands. […]

  • Urban life, inspiration, and design

    Hey guys, Today I am going to show you a few pieces of furniture, inspired from the gorgeous urban surroundings of big cities. All of these pieces can be found on the Maisons du Monde website and I encourage you to visit them for any purchases and additional information for any of these products. All of the […]