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  • Spring Inspired Floral Wallpaper | GrahamBrown

    There is still one month left of Winter, but I already feel like Spring. Outside it’s still cold enough to feel Winter’s edge. But the signs of Spring are showing their strength. Therefore, I decided to give the season a little push into our world and into your homes most of all. So I came […]

  • Desk Lamps with a different kind of design

    I have written about desk lamps before. And, even though that is not my best article up to this point, I’ll leave it here in case you want to check it out – I’m here to brighten your home, one lamp at a time. So, some might say that I am repeating myself with today’s […]

  • Blue room wallpaper | GrahamBrown

    When it comes to wallpapers, I have to admit that I have always had my reservations. And this is because, when I was growing up, what I saw and knew in terms of wallpaper was only what I had seen in the movies. And what stood out as room wallpaper in the movies could be […]

  • Desk Organizer for the neat freak inside

    As I’ve mentioned in previous articles as well, I work from a desk most of the time. This includes my full time job, my side projects, and working for Ahomeround. So, it’s only normal that I pay extra attention to my office and surrounding area. Not to mention that I usually do a thorough cleaning […]

  • Wayfair Pots and Planters | house plants

    Today I am sharing with you an old subject inside a new article. It is not the first time that I will share with you some gorgeous pots and planters for your beautiful house plants. But it is the first time that this entire collection will be from the wonderful Wayfair website. In case you […]

  • Fountain Pen Heaven!

    As you may well know by this point, I am a big fan of fountain pens. I could say of ink pens in general, because I also have at home a set of calligraphy dip pens. For those who would like to read a bit more about that please check out my article – A […]

  • Geometric shelves for your minimalist design

    I have to admit that when I was in school, I hated geometry. I thought of it as an useless and hard subject which would not benefit me in the least. And just like all the other kids, I wondered that, since I don’t like it, why should I bother learning it. Little did I know […]

  • A desk for you(r) needs.

    This article takes me back. Because one of my very first articles on this blog was about desks. It was actually the very first article in which I shared you my love for some gorgeous products – DeskTop. It has been almost a year since then and I am very glad to still be writing […]

  • Check your calendar…but this article first!

    I always like to plan ahead of time, almost everything. I choose to see it as a gift but it can also be a sickness, especially for those around me. If I didn’t keep it under control it would be almost scary as opposed to charming, which I believe to be the current level. So I’d […]

  • A home office in one article

    Hello guys! Today I have for you something a little different and I hope it will be something you enjoy. I am going to present you with a basic design of a room, from furniture to accessories, which would be perfect for someone who has just bought a new house or just wants to redecorate […]

  • Embrace the industry/ial design

    With a dash of embarrassment and a touch of sadness I have to say that it took me way to long to come up with this article. And I have to admit, with shame, that it is 11 pm and I found the main subject for this article only a bout 4 minutes ago. But, […]

  • Stick a note on it!

    One of my favorite accessories when working at a desk are the sticky notes! They have become my little helpers when it comes to my desk work. They not only help me remember my day to day ideas that I might forget otherwise, but I can also maintain them in an orderly fashion and organize them […]

  • How about a new home…for your books?

    I’m sure that most of you are avid readers. And even though we live in the days of modern technology, when you can read almost any book on any type of device, I still believe that you can’t replace the feeling of holding a newly bought book in your hands. And even though these devices […]

  • A desk to discover

    Before I begin today’s article I have to mention that it’s a bit ironical to be writing a post about desks while I am sitting in bed. For those who don’t see the humor in this I apologize and I hope you’ll forgive me for this little indulgence. I believe that my first or, at […]

  • Around the globe in one blog post

    Hey guys! I’m back and I am here to take you around the world. Of course, not literally. But I promise what I have planned will not disappoint you. The first time I got my hands on a world globe I was very little, I think about in 4th grade and my parents gave me and […]