Before I begin today’s article I have to mention that it’s a bit ironical to be writing a post about desks while I am sitting in bed. For those who don’t see the humor in this I apologize and I hope you’ll forgive me for this little indulgence.

I believe that my first or, at least, one of my first articles was about desks » DeskTop. To some of you, this may seem like a repetition or you might think that I have ran out of ideas for other articles. But I can assure you that this is not the case. The idea for this article just came to me while browsing the internet and discovering a uniquely designed desk, that got me thinking that I just had to write about it and share it with you.

So, in this article, I decided to feature not just any kind of desks, but some that got my attention with their uniqueness. This can range from a single element to the entire design and concept, which I hope you’ll find as fascinating as I did. I would honestly love to own any one of these desks and, if you’re like me and get that little extra motivation from your surroundings, any one of these would be well worth investing in.

Treasury Table

Designed by Lucie Koldová, the Treasury Table was design with the concept of minimalism in mind. But this concept didn’t end at the design of the desk, also being introduced into its functionality. The idea of this desk is to eliminate clutter and make you much more organized by offering as many drawers as possible. Ranging from small to A5 size, the drawers are meant to hid perfectly under the desk, eliminating from sight anything that might distract you. After your work is finished, you can hide everything in an organized fashion that will allow you to pick up right where you left off without loosing any more time. When it comes to the actual design and materials, the desk is made out of a mat surfaced glass and the drawers underneath are out of painted MDF, being also available in a variety of colors, depending on your preferences. For more information and purchasing, please visit the website by following this » (link)

Indoor C

The next item on the list is an awesome looking table and when I say that it’s unique, you can believe that it can’t get more unique than this. This desk comes from a website known as Manoteca, where they feature only unique, handmade, Italian furniture, made out of reused and recycled pieces that combine into some of the most beautiful vintage pieces that you will ever see.

Regarding the desk, even though there are several featured on the website, I finally decided on one and went with it. The one I choose has a top made out of two authentic vintage Italian doors from the 19th century, made out of solid chestnut wood and weighting 40 kg each. When the doors are closed, this desk can turn into a 6/8 people dining table. When you open one of the doors, this piece turns into a gorgeous vintage desk with 4 leather drawers and a wooden one. I can talk more about how the doors have not been altered, the hinge of the door is the original one from its conception and how they go perfectly with the solid steel legs but I will stop here and just let you decide from the pictures that you want to purchase this desk/dinning table. For more information regarding this desk please visit the its page on the website » (link)


The next desk featured in my list might not seem so special or unique at first sight. But, as the description on its featured website also mentions, this is meant to be a traditional looking desk with a modern twist. And it is!

Made out of solid wood, this table appears to be as simple as it gets, but with a gentle pull of its middle part, the surface slides and reveals a hidden drawer, perfect for hiding the cables from all your electronic devices, or even hiding some of the items you need to have at hand at any time. This will eliminate the clutter and distraction that you get from having to arrange the cables and will thus make you more productive.

The simple design and color combination of natural wood and simple white is a classic when it comes to any desk and can also be met by a little twist, if you choose to have the middle part of the desk painted in black. The desk also comes in 2 sizes, standard and XL. This desk is simplicity at its best and can be bought from right here » (link)

Desk 01

As smartphones, tablets and laptops have become the basic guides and travel companions of our lives, we need to have them always at hand, charged and ready to go. The next desk that I have for you has understood and integrated this concept in its design. But it hasn’t stopped there. Whether I am working on a project, surfing the web or doing actual work at my job, I always have the need to write something down in order to keep in mind for later and this makes me waste sometimes so much paper that I end up feeling guilty every time. The Desk 01 has though of this too and has also added a chalk board / white board feature on its top which can serve as a fast note taking surface that can be also easily cleaner after.

When it comes to the design of this desk, on their website you will find several variations. It can be made out of walnut wood or maple, it can be a sitting or standing desk, it can have a black board or a white board feature and it can even be designed to fit your style, according to the hand you write with. To feature in my list for today I have chosen the right handed, walnut desk with a black board finish to show you pictures of. For more pictures, information and details of the product please visit their website » (link)


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