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  • Accent Chairs by Armen Living

    This is not my first article on the subject of accent chairs even though I haven’t used these exact words. I have written actually two more (that I can remember) on this blog. One, about modern armchairs – 5 modern armchairs and 5 reasons to buy them, and another one about rocking chairs – Let […]

  • On the road in your home? | Mobile Home | FiveAm

    I’ve discovered today’s article subject a while ago, which is: Mobile Home. And I wanted to share it with you guys for some time but only now I get the chance. So I may end up being a little more enthusiastic than needed. But I am very glad to be writing about things that I […]

  • Blue room wallpaper | GrahamBrown

    When it comes to wallpapers, I have to admit that I have always had my reservations. And this is because, when I was growing up, what I saw and knew in terms of wallpaper was only what I had seen in the movies. And what stood out as room wallpaper in the movies could be […]

  • A modular kitchen that can fit your personality and home

    I am back from my summer holidays and ready to get back and get some work done. And the first article that I want to get out there right away is about my favorite room in the house, the kitchen. Also, I can honestly say that I will be talking about an entire kitchen in […]

  • Harry Potter illustrated books – by Jim Kay

    Those of you who have been following my blog may be familiar with one of my favorite past articles – Let’s judge books by their cover!. But for those of you who are not familiar, I can give you the idea of it. In that particular article, I speak about how and why I encourage […]

  • The piggy bank that will make you save money

    I remember the first piggy bank that I ever had. First of all, because I still have it and use it all the time. And second of all because I also never had any other piggy banks beside it. Because I took care of the one I owned as I knew best. And I cherish […]

  • In plain sight, white nightstands hide

    …And make your bedroom light and practical at night. It’s been a while since I’ve started writing an article with a rime. Or started writing an article at all. But I hope you will excuse this period of inactivity of mine. And have a little patience. Because I promise that I am back. And not just […]

  • How many coffee cups? How about a set?

    How many cups of coffee have you had today? If your answer is anything less than 1, then you go right back and get yourself a cup. Of course, unless you prefer tea to coffee. But you have to have had a cup of something to get you started in the morning. Even if it […]

  • A piece of nature around your neck | Felicity Store

    When it comes to necklaces, I have to admit that I don’t wear them too often. And I believe that this has to do with two reasons. First of all because I’m a bit pretentious and fussy when it comes to any accessory. In order for me to really set my heart on one, it has […]

  • “Mărțișor” – a story of Romanian tradition


    If you have any Romanian friends, especially on social media, then you may have noticed a trend in these past few days. And in case you are wondering what’s up with that, I am here to tell you all about it. For those of you who are not familiar with this, every year on the […]

  • (Buy a) Dress for work day!

    Since the warm seasons are on their way, I thought it was only befitting to browse around for a new dress. As you can see, I browsed for a little more than a single one. I actually may have gone a little overboard. But luckily, I only ended up adding these to my wishlist and not […]

  • Turn everything off and take a seat at the(se) dining table(s).

    In today’s modern world dominated by technology, we can admit that we have evolved from the simple things in life. For example, take the simple act of dining with the family. How many of us can honestly say that we still do this? The answer would be not many. At least now without external factors, […]

  • Fountain Pen Heaven!

    As you may well know by this point, I am a big fan of fountain pens. I could say of ink pens in general, because I also have at home a set of calligraphy dip pens. For those who would like to read a bit more about that please check out my article – A […]

  • Tips on how to spruce up your Home Exterior

    Since spring is just around the corner, I though that I would give you a hand with Spring Cleaning. But this time, we are going to focus on our home exterior. Because I am sure that by this point you know very well all you need to do in order to clean the insides of […]

  • 5 modern armchairs and 5 reasons to buy them

    When it comes to armchairs, there are plenty of reasons to have but also not to have one. And I can understand completely if you choose not to. They can take up valuable space if you don’t have a big living room. You can end up with an unused piece of furniture if you don’t […]

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