One salad bowl to serve them all!

But many to choose from!

Along with summer, here come back those delicious salads with fresh ingredients picked from the market or right from the garden, if you should be so lucky. No matter if you prefer fruit or veggie salads, they are all delicious and healthy and represent the perfect summer breakfast, dinner or evening meal.

So in order to take advantage to the fullest of this perfect season, I decided to help you with a few salad bowl suggestions. But these aren’t just any salad bowls. I have selected a few pieces which I consider to be beautifully designed and which have a unique feature to bring to the dinner table. All you have left to do, my fellow readers, is to choose the bowl of your liking and enjoy your favorite salad recipes.


Nambe: I will start with a simple example of what seems to be a basic salad bowl, but isn’t. A simple yet striking design hand carved out of solid wood, with both the bowl and servers handles made out of a metal alloy which has been designed to look like solid iron. This gives the entire set a unique and iron age look that will impress both you and your dinner guests.


via neimanmarcus

Wheelbarrow salad bowl and servers: If you want a more unique way to present your salad and impress your guests then, you just have to try this next salad bowl. In the shape of a wheelbarrow and with a shovel and pitchfork, this set would be perfect for an outdoor summer meal in the garden and will be the talk of the table.


via birchlane

Individual Japanese curved wooden salad bowls: If you’re the kind of person that likes to take their guest hosting to the next level, then preparing an individual salad bowl for each of your guests is the perfect move. And serving your salads in these natural wood bowls will make your efforts so much more special and appreciated by your loving guests.


via aliexpress

Row Boat Serving Bowl: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the sea. And impress your fellow guests, do not keep them hungry. This charming silver serving bowl, shaped like a row boat, will add a unique marine feel to your table. Create a menu based on seafood and fish and you will have a delicious marine themed meal which will delight everyone.


via uncommongoods


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