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  • Christmas table Plate set for 4? Right this way.

    Hello, everyone! I come bearing another of my dearest Christmas themed articles. This time I will share with you a few plate sets to help you complete the dinner table decor for the holidays. I admit that I may have written a bit much about the dinning table and experience of Christmas. And I apologize […]

  • 3 charger plates to complete your Christmas table

    A charger plate is supposed to add something to the table while still not pulling focus from it. If this is what you’re looking for than you’re in luck.

  • Welcome Santa with Milk, Cookies, and new dinnerware!

    November is here and I am officially allowing myself to begin talking about Christmas! So buckle up everyone and be prepared to be struck by all my winter and holiday joy. And I have a perfect article next that will get us right in the middle of Christmas preparations. You can never be too early […]

  • Colorful Dinnerware | Rainbow Series | Purple

    Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at the last article of the Rainbow Series. Featuring the unique and always stunning purple color. It was a fun and happy ride for me. It was a challenge to keep going with it but a delight to discover all the things along the way. But, more than anything, […]

  • Colorful Dinnerware | Rainbow Series | Blue

    Hello again and welcome to another Rainbow Series article. Today we are going to wash away the blues with (you won’t believe it!) the color Blue. Yaaaay! How excited are you? Not at all? Well, just wait until you see what I have prepared for you today. I have to confess that when I started the […]

  • Colorful Dinnerware | Rainbow Series | Green

    Welcome everyone to another Rainbow Series article. We have passed through many colors of the rainbow and have arrived at gorgeous green. I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did writing it. And I hope you take a look at all the other articles in this series as well. But for […]

  • Colorful Dinnerware | Rainbow Series | Yellow

    Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my Rainbow Series articles. I am glad to have you all here with me. Because, today we will be focusing on the bright and shinning color of yellow. But, for those of you who have landed on this article first, let me explain. The Rainbow Series consists […]

  • Colorful Dinnerware | Rainbow Series | Orange

    Next up in my Rainbow Series of articles comes the bright and beautiful color of orange. For those of you unfamiliar with this new series I will explain it in just a few words. I have dedicated this series to brighten up and bringing some color into your homes. And I shall do this by sharing […]

  • Colorful Dinnerware | Rainbow Series | Red

    Welcome my dear readers and I sincerely hope you enjoy the following series that I have prepared for you. Since we are living in a very bold and bright period, I thought that I should adapt my articles accordingly. Because why shouldn’t we keep this trend going on inside of our homes as well? So here is […]

  • Copper accessories that will spice up your kitchen

    Sometimes the best way to accessorize your kitchen is simply by adding a dash of color into the mix. This rule applies for most kitchens. But more so for those of single color or plain tone schemes. And don’t get me wrong, plain doesn’t mean boring in this case. We are just talking about a […]

  • Add a touch of ceramic into your home

    Hello my dears! I have to admit that I have been caught up with other issues in my life and I have kind of ignored the blog for a couple of weeks. But now I am back, fresh and ready to entertain you with more design ideas and products and to inspire you to make […]

  • One salad bowl to serve them all!

    But many to choose from! Along with summer, we are ready to welcome back those delicious salads with fresh ingredients picked from the market or right from the garden, if you should be so lucky. No matter if you prefer fruit or veggie salads, they are all delicious and healthy and represent the perfect summer […]

  • Stay for dinner?

    Hello again! This post comes a little late in the day, but in the same time just in time for dinner! And I swear that I did not plan on this. But if it’s time for dinner, then you’re in luck. I come today with a few suggestions for the dinner table and how to […]