A flower for a woman, a vase for a flower

Today is the International Day of Women and I would like to wish every woman out there a lovely and beautiful day.

And due to the large amount of flowers that I am positive that will be received today by women all over the world, I decided that this article should be dedicated not only to the wonderful women but also to the gorgeous flowers bouquets received by them.

A vase is something that should be simple enough to not pull focus. But in the same time I think they should have a proper design so that it accentuates the flowers properly. So I have chosen a few different designs, some of them simple, some of them more complex but every one of them unique and beautiful.

Tangled Motif Ceramic Vase

When it comes to vases, simplicity is better. So I’d like to start with a simple, white ceramic vase style whose only unique feature is a tangled motif that can be, at your choice, a circle, heart of butterfly. I will show you a image of all the three models but have to mention that they are sold individually. So when you order you much choose which model you would like » (link)


Rustic Birch Wood Vase

For a more cozy and familiar choice when it comes to vases, we have this rustic birch wood vase, that can be personalized so that the significant woman in your life can feel as special as she deserves. No matter your choice of inscription, initials, heart, date or name, this can be arranged with a simple message to the seller » (link)


Speckled Wood Vases

A more unique and imposing collection is this set made out of solid mango wood and brushed with speckled paint. The design of these vases made me think of the earth, represented by the wood, the night sky represented by the speckled paint and this image completes with the nature brought by any type of flower you might think to add into these vases. A small ecosystem right on the top of your self » (link)


Lightbulb Vase

I chose the next set due to their interesting design. The idea of making a vase in the shape of a light bulb is as cute and interesting as its seems. Whether you fill the bulbs with clear or colored water and no matter the choice of your flowers to display in these, the effect will be as gorgeous and stunning as you might imagine. I was very impressed by these particular vases and I hope you feel the same » (link)


Sea Fan Vase

We more on to a more classic design. Although not very popular, this fan vase made out of simple white ceramic is a very classic and interesting way to display your flowers. The fan design will allow you to display every single flower of the bouquet and not hide anything in the back » (link)


‘Mum’ Bottle Bud Vases

A last choice of mine is this set of simple transparent jar vases bearing the letters of the word “mum” on them. This I consider to be an excellent choice for the special woman in your life that took care of you for all that time. But if you would like to make this gift for another special person, you can speak to the seller and ask or request any modification that you may want in order to make your gift even more special for that woman in your life » (link)


For my dear female readers I wish you enjoy this day and for my male readers, I hope you make this day as special as that woman in your live deserves. I wish you many flowers and plenty of happiness for the rest of the day!


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