Make room in your kitchen…for me

I have shown you in a previous article a few gorgeous ways to store the things that spice up your daily life. For those of you who haven’t read that article yet, I encourage you to check it out, if you enjoy reading this one » Let’s spice things up a little

In this article I will show you a few ways to storage the more important ingredients in your kitchen that are also stored in larger quantities such as flour, coffee, pasta, sugar, etc. These are all ingredients that we use on an almost daily basis and I, for one, am tired of keeping them in their original package.

Having a set of containers that could keep most of these ingredients would be of such a help in the kitchen, not only making the ingredients more easily reachable but also keeping the pantry more clean and organized. So make room in your kitchen for me and these containers, featured in today’s article.

Wayfair Basics 4 Piece Glass Canister Set

The first set of canisters is the one I like most out of this list. It is simple yet efficient and perfect for any kitchen. The design of transparent jar with screw on metal lid and the different sizes of the jars that can accommodate almost any kind of dry ingredients that you might have need to store » (link)


Old Dutch 4 Piece Canister

If you’re the kind that doesn’t really like to expose the ingredients but would still like to have a wonderful storage set to expose on your counter, this is for you. A beautiful set of 4 cooper plated stainless steer canisters can store your best ingredients and have them ready at the second while still hid them from curious eyes » (link)


Webster Hermetic 4 Piece Preserving Jar Set

A variation of my favorite storage set is this 4 clear jar set with hermetic lids and names of ingredients written on them. This is a wonderful way to add a little more organization to the kitchen and making sure that your jars are never mixed up between them even after they emptied out » (link)


Retro Fifties 50 Oz Metal Canisters

For a more retro and colorful look added to your kitchen, this set of 3 canisters is the perfect choice. Coming with 3 beautiful color variations of teal, cyan and pear green, these metal canisters have simple leads that get fixed with a silicone gasket in order to keep the ingredients you need stored dry and fresh » (link)


A short article but with powerful ingredients. I hope and believe that you will find these to be to your liking and taste and that you may consider purchasing them. Enjoy and thank you for reading!


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