You don’t have to travel or spend millions of dollars in order to own your own island. In today’s article I will show you how to cheat and end up with your own personal island.

If you’ve figured out by now, and I’m sure many of you did, I am talking about kitchen islands. These practical and mobile furniture pieces can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. You may be thinking that kitchen islands are just for large kitchens where you have enough space, but allow me to correct you there. I will show you through this article that kitchen islands can be big or small and they can fit perfectly in any kitchen.

Ok, so first I have to mention that for those of you who might get too technical, I may be presenting a few pieces that may be considered tables or carts or islands. I have added all of these to the same list because I consider the difference to be more of a personal note. I apologize now for those of you who will consider this an offence. But, to add a little argument in my defense, you could use all of these pieces of furniture as both islands and tables or even simple counters. This all depends on your liking, preferences and available space. So let’s begin.


This first piece I like for several different reasons. The main reason is that it is made out of wood and parts of it are painted black. I’ve always loved this combination and think I always will. The other reason why I really like this is because it’s small but yet practical. It can be used to store wooden utensils, which look so good on it, it can be used as a simple storage unit in your kitchen or you can use it as a cutting board (which is what I would do). This can be done due to the grain butcher block top that was added with this specific action in mind. So don’t worry the fact that you will ruin the surface of this island because you won’t damage anything. I also like the small basket underneath where you can store your knifes for example, in order for the kids not to reach them and you to have them at hand at any time » (link)


This kitchen island I would mention from the get-go that I like not only due to its design which I find just awesome, but also because it can very easily be used also as a kitchen table. This is mainly possible because this islands’s top is more on the outside than the rest of the island. This makes for a wonderful and unique table, if you decide to use it that way, and you will also have plenty of storage space below. Not only is this piece of furniture gorgeous by design but it is also practical and can fir in any kitchen, big or small » (link)


I guess this is the first piece of furniture in this article that I would not necessarily say that has double utility. If you’ve seen and read the description of the other two kitchen islands you may have noticed that they each have a double use. This can be used as a simple kitchen island and I am very ok with that. The most interesting stuff about this piece is how it looks, being all wood and especially in this grey color. The second feature that I really like about this island are the little box wooden shelves. They are so cute and they would be perfect to store vegetables or other ingredients that you really need at hand » (link)


Although I was not expecting to feature any sets of kitchen islands in this article, I just had to add this piece to the list. After seeing it, its design and its color, I just decided on the spot that it has to appear on my list. And I even have a picture of this set. I see it in a small apartment, with 1 or 2 rooms, owned by a couple that just moved in and decided that this is for them. It has a wonderful center piece that can be used as the table and two matching chairs that seem very comfortable to me. The shelves also appear to be roomy and good enough to store whatever you need to have a great meal » (link)


Now, this piece I fell in love with at the very first sight. The industrial design of this island just blew me away. Plus I like anything that has so many baskets to store stuff in. I am a person that likes to keep things almost too organized, and this refers to separating things according to their purpose, color, size, etc. So this kitchen island would be the perfect furniture to settle this need for me inside the kitchen. The fact that this island has wheels and a wooden top just ads to it and makes me like it even more. So please, if you enjoy industrial design and organization in the kitchen, check this one out » (link)


Last, but not least, I decided to go with a classic and more professional look. This fully metal kitchen island/cart can be a great thing to have in your kitchen, both practically and from a design point of view. Whenever I saw a professional kitchen, of course on TV, everything in the kitchen was of metal and extremely clean and neat. And I think the metal adds a little to that feeling, plus it is very easy to maintain. Besides being a simple 2 shelf cart or island, the coolest feature of this island is the knife holder that looks just awesome and is very practical » (link)

This is it for today guys, I hope I convinced you to treat yourself to an island of your own but at least I hope to have entertained you for a bit. Have a good day and a beautiful home!


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