Let’s add fun to the recipe!

With today’s article I want to convince all of you, cooking enthusiasts, to add a new ingredient in all of your recipes from now on. Being a fellow cook, myself, I know that cooking may become boring and plain at one time or another, after doing it for a long period of time. So besides trying new recipes, another way to improve the cooking act would be to add a little more fun into the kitchen.

And I thought that this can result from adding a few fun gadgets into the kitchen. I have found a few utensils that have unique qualities, look interesting and will be very fun to have inside the kitchen, both for you and your dinner guests.

The Nessie Family: Need an aid in the kitchen? How about an entire family? The Nessie family is made out of the mama Nessie (represented by a colander spoon), Nessie herself (represented by a ladle), and baby Nessie (represented by a tea infuser). and their purpose is to help you. They are all very charming and very willing to help you in the kitchen. Besides their lovely and beautiful design, they also have a unique feature that makes them special and more practical than any other utensils of their kind. Due to small, built in legs they can stand on their on whenever placed inside a cup, bowl or pot and they will never turn on you (hehe).


via OtotoDesign

Jumpin’Jacks: Oops, guess who fell into the salad bowl. Your new salad spoons! This is another little fun and charming kitchen gadget that will liven up and make your kitchen more fun and lively. Besides serving a good purpose in the kitchen, they can also be used directly at the dinner table and will make your dinner guests smile.

via OtotoDesign

Spaghetti Tower: If you’re a pasta enthusiast and don’t enjoy having leftover spaghetti every time you make a pot, then we have a 2 in 1 gadget that will solve all of your problems. This is not only a charming storage solution but also a well designed product what will help with your portioning problem. With the help of this charming tower’s cap, you can portion spaghetti for 1 to 4 people and be leftover free!

via OtotoDesign

Steam Ship: Full steam ahead, mates! With this funky looking lid, you can turn your kitchen into a real easy cruise. The lid allows steam to go out through, making it seem that the ship’s steam engines work and it is quite charming.

via FredandFriends

Cooks Carrot: What’s up, Doc? No, I don’t intend to send Bugs Bunny to help you in the kitchen, he would eat all the carrots. And I bet that he would even try to eat this one too. The shape and design of this whisk will turn your kitchen into a bright and fun place both for you and the kids. Maybe you’ll get them into baking, too!

via FredandFriends

Nested Measuring Cups: The dilemma of who came first between the chicken and the egg has been tormenting people for ages and we just might have found a simple answer. These nested measuring cups will allow you to go both ways and have some fun along the way. No matter on whose side you’re on, they will offer the perfect answer and help in the kitchen.

via FredandFriends


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