Hello everyone!

Today was such a beautiful day, the sun was out and I decided to do anything that would keep me outside of the house. I met with a friend and we grabbed a coffee and just sat outside on a bench in one of the main squares of the city I live in.

The only bad part of the day was that it was a bit windy. But luckily, I had put on a beautiful sweater, which I had stolen from my boyfriend at some point in time, so I didn’t mind the wind that much. And the extra treat was that it also gave me the idea for this article, so it was overall a very good and well spent afternoon.

For me, a sweater has to be warm, cozy and oversized! I like just to loose myself in the fabric and make sure there is enough of it to keep me warm and covered. I will show you a few sweaters, just to give you a taste of the general type of sweaters that I like. I’ll also be selecting a few patterns and colors that I believe fit perfectly with the theme and purpose of the cozy sweater.

When it comes to clothes, I don’t like to talk too much and rather let them do the talking, because that’s what they do best. So in this article I thought I’d do something different and only tell you what I like about every piece in my list. The rest I will leave up to them and you.

First we have a gorgeous, bright yellow, wool, knitted sweater. Why do I like this sweater so much? Its bright and beautiful color, cozy material and those large sleeves that will make a statement on their own the moment you put it on » (link)


My next choice is a little stretch when it comes to my tastes, because I don’t usually go for turtlenecks. But in the case of some sweaters, such as this one, I find myself willing to make an exception. The shape of the sweater and simple design caught my eyes but the loose turtleneck really sold it for me » (link)


The next sweater on my list is fitted more for the warm spring days to come. Its loose knitting pattern makes it a very good choice for a cool and breeze day when you just need the touch of knitted material on your skin. I like to wear this kind of sweaters with a colored sleeveless shirt underneath and a light jacket if needed » (link)

hmprod (1)

I also enjoy a good amount of length when it comes to my sweaters. And this next item on my list fits that criteria perfectly. Long enough to keep me warm, but with a wonderful cut on its sides to keep it interesting, this sweater is the one of my dreams. Besides this, I also love the material and color patterns that keep it simple but interesting at the same time » (link)


We move on to a choice more perfect for the winter season but still a great option for those cold and harsh days of Spring, when the sun just doesn’t want to show his face. When it comes to this sweater, I have to mention that I love both the knitted line pattern and the color of it » (link)

hmprod (2).jpg

And we are at the final of the list. This is where I come with a fitted, white and wool sweater, made with the use of a chunky bouclé-knit, according to its website. This would not be my first choice to wear but I have to appreciate the unique knitting pattern, which I think looks great in this color » (link)


I leave you with the hope that my article warmed your hearts and maybe will warm your bodies if you’ve seen anything you particularly like. Have a great day and keep warm!


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