Wrap your head around these wrapping ideas

Since the holidays are near, I thought we could all use some inspiration to get us not only into the holiday spirit but also get us amped to start planning and working on the gift list that we have to get. I may also drop by with an article for some gift inspiration, so stick around if you’re looking for ideas.

I’m sure that there are many of you out there, same as me, who love picking out and wrapping and giving gifts to your loved ones. There is nothing better than seeing the face of someone you love light up when you surprise them with a gift that they have wanted for a while but did not expect to get. So why not add just a little bit more thought and fun to their gift and make the experience even more memorable?

This is what I’m bringing you today. A few clever and fun ideas to level up your gift-wrapping game. From simple and basic to more unique and complex DIY ideas that you can really have fun with and even make personal with your own touch if you feel inspired to do so.

The first idea comes from whitehousecrafts and can be a good idea for the entire family, especially if you have kids. What more perfect way to get them into the spirit of giving than turning it into a fun and crafty activity that they can master by the time they grow and start giving forward.

via whitehousecrafts

Next up on the list, we have a series of gift-wrapping ideas, based on the same principle, of adding nature to your design. This simple but striking element can add both a note of personality and elegance to your gift, depending on the way you use it.

And to give you just a few unique and different ideas of how to incorporate this into your gift-wrapping, here are a few examples from some very talented and crafty people from homeyohmy, smartfurniture, craftberrybush, nickandalicia, and lovecreatecelebrate.

via homeyohmy
via smartfurniture
via craftberrybush
via nickandalicia
via lovecreatecelebrate

If you want something more personal and are blessed with a talented hand at drawing, crafting, or cutting…which I personally am not…then you might want to take a look at these beautiful ideas from growingspaces. Check out her website for even more examples of unique and whimsical ways to wrap your gifts and surprise your love ones.

If I caught your attention with the idea of accessorizing your gifts with just the right touch, then check out these. Take the more elegant and soft route of a simple gold painted feather from landeeseelandeedo or the bold and vintage way of colorful paper and matching pompoms from purelykatie. I, for one, love both of them and even have in mind who I would give them too.

via landeeseelandeedo
via purelykatie

If you really want to make a statement and I haven’t caught your eye with either option so far, then be sure to check out the next ideas. Use cookie tins, like cynthiashaffer, to safely keep and transport your surprises (including cookies) and make sure they arrive intact while still keeping a wonderful theme by making them match. Or use your favorite materials to make the gifts more personal and add that something extra that will make them remember you and your gift for a long time, like the example we have from hellonest.

via cynthiashaffer
via hellonest

If you’re a more DIY and crafty person and you want to go the extra mile, here are a few examples that involve paint, fun, and a little bit more work but that will get you a spectacularly unique result in the end. For the tutorials check the examples on the original websites from handmadecharlotte, clubcrafted, almostmakesperfect, and mycakies.

via handmadecharlotte
via almostmakesperfect
via clubcrafted
via mycakies

And last, but not least we have a modern and gorgeous idea that is as simple as it is elegant, won’t take a lot of time but it will make your presents look like you spent not only a lot of time but also a lot of money for them.

Monochrome is the gorgeous theme that we are talking about and here are some examples on how to use it from almostmakesperfect, yourdiyfamily, and themerrythought.

via almostmakesperfect
via yourdiyfamily
via themerrythought

So with this all said, I hope that you’ve picked up at least a bit of the inspiration that I had whilst writing this article. I, for one, can’t wait to start wrapping my presents, and don’t even get me started about giving them.

And don’t forget to start early with the Christmas Shopping, cause it never gets easy and it almost never gets done on time. Let’s have some Happy Holidays!


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