A blanket a day keeps the shivers away

Hello everyone! I have talked and talked lately about how Spring has come and the days are getting more and more beautiful. But that doesn’t mean that the cold weather has gone away for good. I still have to wear a cozy sweater or warm jacket when I go outside. Even inside the house I have to wear something over the t-shirt in order to keep warm if I choose to not turn the heat up.

So I thought that if I have to keep warm while staying inside, I can use this as a good opportunity to improve my home decor by getting a gorgeous looking blanket. And, of course, I can’t keep this idea to myself so I decided to write an article and share it with you guys. So at the end of this article I will make a sort of gallery, because I found way to many blankets to be able to write about each of them individually and I will make a short resume of why I choose these right before the gallery.

So what criteria do I base my blanket choices on? Well, firstly I believe that a blanket should be either simple white, although these can be a little hard to keep clean, or colored enough to add a little something special to your room. If you get one to match your room’s color scheme or another piece of furniture or textile in your house, I think it’s that much better. When it comes to material, I believe a blanket should be fluffy,, keep me warm but not be too heavy to carry around. I might want to move it from room to room or wear it as a cape, why not.

In this gallery I will present a few, maybe too many, blankets that I like and would be more than happy to own. They range from colored to white, from one color to an entire pattern or even two faced, with a pattern on one side and a single color on the other. They are all beautiful and I am sure that if you have the patience to look through all of them, you will find at least one you like.

I would like to thank the website of Maisons du Monde for the products and pictures. All these blankets are from their website and I provide links for every single one of these products so that you can buy whichever one you want. To get to the page of the specific blanket you just have to click on the description of the specific photo and it will take you straight to the original website page.

My dear readers, I hope I’ve improved your day by adding some warmth, color and gorgeous design to it. With this I bid you goodbye and wish you a beautiful Spring day ahead.


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