Hello and welcome to another Monday post. And even though another hard week of work is in front of us, I hope that all of you have taken advantage of these lovely summer days just like I have. My end of the week days were filled with fun and friends, which made me pumped enough for […]


I am going to a wedding today and I am very excited to share an article with you on this very day! But with all my excitement and delight for this day I have to admit that it has not been a total breeze up until this day (and to think that I was just […]


Some of my dearest childhood memories involve summers at my grandparents, playing with the neighborhood kids and letting the day pass by as I hanged around in the outdoor swing. I’m sure that all of us have this sort of memories which we cherish and grow more fond of with each year that passes by. […]


Hey guys! I’m back and I am here to take you around the world. Of course, not literally. But I promise what I have planned will not disappoint you. The first time I got my hands on a world globe I was very little, I think about in 4th grade and my parents gave me and […]

Home Office

As Spring is officially only a few days away, I decided to help you welcome it into your homes with just a simple and cheap addition to your interiors. For all you romantics out there, if you ever wanted to walk on a path made out of flower petals, I got the next best thing. […]

Living Room

This article is all about time and it is about time that you read it. I have searched a bit and found a few unique pieces that can help you keep track of time and organize your day. I have to give credit to the very helpful websites that have helped me make my dream […]